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[Beijing] will achieve dynamic perception of traffic information


July 26, the firstBeijingtrafficinformation industry'meeting.Reportersat the meetingwas informed thatthe next five years,Beijing residentsare expectedwaythrough a variety ofconvenient services,reserve a parking space,checkthe busstation, transferinformation and to conducta taxi-call, and "everywhere, alwaysthere,thinkthat was"dynamicperception oftraffic information.

According to theBeijing Municipal Committee ofScience and Technology DepartmentDirectorGe Yu, the "ubiquitous" refers tomembers of the publicwhether indoors oron the road,can gettraffic information;"alwaysthere" means thepublic canobtainthe latest traffictimelydynamic information;"thinkthat was" refers tomembers of the publicto obtaintraffic informationrich contentto meetthe needs ofa variety oftravel modes.In addition, thenext five years,Beijingwill furtherstrengthen the basis forthe transportation industrystatic informationand run dynamicinformation collectionand sharing, and strengthenthe application ofintelligent transportation industryto expandthe depthand breadth ofintelligent trafficonstrengtheninggovernment, businessand civilservice functions, and strengthentechnological innovation andapplication ofthe localization ofthe core technology.

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